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Concentration - the Memory Games 5.01

Changes in the Blog Feed service have forced us to update the Automatic Blog Update Notification feature of Concentration - the Memory Games, and release a quick fix. 5.01 is a minor update.

You do need to uninstall previous versions of Concentration - the Memory Games, in fact, it's recommended not to uninstall them. Just download the new installer, run setup and follow the instructions.

Download Installer Executable »

Concentration - the Memory Games 5.0

Concentration - the Memory Games is back with a new release, and the release covers various card set releases as well. 5.0 is a major update with numerous interesting features.

Game play has never been so diverse. Version 5.0 introduces new game elements and additional preferences to help you find Your way to play concentration.

A few years back I put a poll on the Galleus site to ask you opinion about the most wanted features of Concentration - the Memory Games. Two of the top-three feature request are present in this new release. As well as many others. The (almost) full feature list is:

  • Card sets with Image association support. Read more »
  • Card sets with Animated card faces.
  • Multi-game matches.
  • Full screen mode. Read more »
  • New Game Wizard for quick setting changes. Read more »
  • Number of flipped pairs and successful flips shown in a tool tip over achieved points.
  • Stress-free game play. Read more »
  • View/hide status bar.
  • Label overlays to play on a projector.
  • Preview all cards before play.
  • Give up option during play.
  • Disable losing sound option. Read more »
  • Card set icons with alpha transparency.
  • Old, 16-color card sets are optional at installation and can be removed.
  • Repeat last individual card sound.
  • Pause game.
  • Automatic blog update notification.
  • Some bug fixes.
  • New installer.

The new Installer Wizard complies with the Windows installer UI standars.

New Installer in Concentration - the Memory Games 5.0

Installer: Full Install • With Card Set Downloads Included