Memory and Its Use in Decision-making [Guest Post]

Whether you’re playing lottery or having fun with poker or casino games, what you’re focusing on is the potential victory that could follow you if you play well. But is your memory critical when it comes to your ability to make decisions?

For instance, if your memory is very strong towards a certain meal, would you find that meal very desirable such that ordering it another time would be at the top of your priority the next time you visit a restaurant?

University of Basel psychologists conducted a study on this topic to determine how memory was likely to affect choices. They discovered that people were biased towards options which they remembered most. But they rejected choices which were unattractive the first time they came into contact with them.

How Memory Influences Your Decision in Gambling

You see, the aforementioned research was carried out on hungry people, and it involved presenting them with two different snacks repeatedly so they could rate them according to taste and financial value.

The snacks that were rated highest were most remembered. But when participants could not recall a particular snack, they made choices based on chances as opposed to informed decisions. However, when the same group of participants remembered only one particular snack, things became interesting.

The most interesting observation in this study was that when this one particular snack was remembered, there were some activities happening between the part of the brain that consolidates memory and the part which actually makes decisions. These activities increased especially when one snack was remembered.

Now, when we move away from this study and into the world of gambling, we still find that the same thing applies when it comes to our abilities to make decisions. Let’s take poker or any other strategy game as an example. If you can master a particular pattern which has rewarded you with profits several times, then you’re likely to recall the exact steps that made you win. And to keep winning with this strategy, your memory has to play a role in remembering the exact steps and procedures to winning your way to the jackpot prize.

Why You Can’t Gamble If You Lack Sound Decision-making Abilities

A professional gambler may lose several times. But in no way will they keep losing and not striking one big win that will cover for the lost money which went down the drains. It boils down to their thinking capacity. Anyone who gambles as a professional is certainly smarter than the average Joe. If you don’t have a certain degree of decision-making ability, you will be like the rest who approach online casinos with the idea that they will be lucky enough to win the jackpot. You certainly don’t want to rely on chances when playing at a casino like

Not everyone can make sober judgments. Gambling requires some degree of decision-making ability. Ask a professional gambler, and if they are willing to tell you their secret, they will give you the same answer. The answer lies with their mindset and ability to make critical decisions and make them correctly too.