Galleus Goes Web2.0

Does this really make sense? I'm not sure, but anyways, this is the first post of the Galleus Blog (which is officially called Concentration - the Memory Games Blog). I'd like to tell you, in a few words, what this is all about.

As you can read in the small intro in the sidebar, this blog will have several functions.

Card Sets and News

There will be more card sets coming up, there's some already compiled but not yet published, so stay tuned.

  • Anytime we publish a card set on the Galleus Home Site we'll create a post here about the ins and outs of the fresh card set.
  • You can subscribe to all our blog posts, all the comments your fellow users leave here, or if you're not interested but in the card set releases, you can subscribe to the separate card set feed.
  • If you don't have a feed reader you can subscribe to the blog posts by email as well. We'll send you an email whenever an update is made.

New Releases, New Features

One of the reasons we start this blog is that a new release of Concentration - the Memory Games is currently under development.

  • Even though you can find every major feature described on the feature pages, we would like to look into more details about new features on the blog. We might explain some minor features here, too.
  • When a release is coming up, we plan to release some sneak previews about the work-in-progress features here.

Feedback, Why Your Voice is Important

This blog creates an open space for you to share your opinion. Many of you have sent us feature requests, card set theme requests, questions about future plans. Though, as before, every email will be answered (the response sometimes ends up in your spam folder, though), you might want to leave comments to be discussed here as well.

  • If you comment on card set that is being released, your feedback might improve the quality or usefulness of future card sets.
  • Your thoughts about upcoming features might lead to a richer user experience.
  • Creating polls is a great way for us to decide what features are popular and what features are pointless or not-welcome by our user base.

So, in brief: this blog will be here to serve as a peephole and a public memory about Concentration - the Memory Games. Take care and have fun!

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