Full-screen Mode [5.0]

In the first release of Concentration - the Memory Games the game window had a fixed size. With version 3.0 the window properties were changed to allow the maximized game window to cover the desktop. 5.0 introduces a full-screen mode and some related enhancements.

Full-screen mode is an option in many windowed applications, probably your word processor or browser applications have it, too. Just press the F11 key and check it out. From the next release you can play Concentration - the Memory Games on full-screen as well.

You have more space to play, you have less visual elements to distract you. You can definitely focus on the game. Take a look at the next demo screen shot (click both images to enlarge). We used our first animated card set, Travel Stamps, to demo this feature.

Full Screen Mode in Concentration - the Memory Games 5.0Full Screen Features on the User Interface in Concentration - the Memory Games 5.0

Full-screen Mode • More Space on the Game Board in Concentration - the Memory Games 5.0 (Click to Enlarge)

In previous versions you had an option to hide the toolbar. In version 5.0 you can hide the status bar as well (both from the new View menu or the Options / Preferences / View option page).


In this moment neither Concentration - the Memory Games 5.0 nor the Travel Stamps animated card set is available. That's why this post is categorized under Feature Preview.


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