Associative Play

Anbother video tutorial, this time about the Associative Play feature of Concentration - the Memory Games. Both 'related image' association and simple 'image to description' association are covered.

When two card sets in a card set pack allow image associations the image association feature is enabled. When playing in this mode card pairs are made of closely related images, not identical ones.

Card sets with subtitle descriptions enable another feature: simple association. Images are then paired with their descriptions.

Associative Play • Pounce and Wag and Braille Script Demo

For a full effect watch the video in 720p HD and full screen.

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Happy Holydays Discount

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Concentration - the Memory Games 5.01

Changes in the Blog Feed service have forced us to update the Automatic Blog Update Notification feature of Concentration - the Memory Games, and release a quick fix. 5.01 is a minor update.

You do need to uninstall previous versions of Concentration - the Memory Games, in fact, it's recommended not to uninstall them. Just download the new installer, run setup and follow the instructions.

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Sound Card Sets

This is the first one of a series of video tutorials about features of Concentration - the Memory Games. Most of these HD videos will demonstrate some important aspects of the program.

This time: Sound Card Sets, a unique game feature that enables the matching of sound effects instead of images.

Some of the card sets available for download assign individual card sounds to every single cards in the set. When playing with a sound set players have to match identical sounds instead of identical images. In some sets card face images might help identification, in other sets they are all the same.

A preview of these customized sounds is available in the card set preview dialog.

Sound Card Sets • Assorted Sounds and Chromatic Scale Demo

For a full effect watch the video in 720p HD and full screen.

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