Limited Offer: Discount Coupon for Release 5.0

We're so happy for the official 5.0 release, we'd like to share it with you, and for a great price.

For 30 days, until the 18th of October, 2009 and if you use our Discount Coupon, a single license of Concentration - the memory Games will cost you 5 bucks less, only US$10.

But be quick: this offer is valid only for a limited period! Discounted purchase is only available in the Galleus Web Store.

To buy Concenration - the Memory Games 5.0 for a discounted price, simply follow this link. Our five dollar discount will be automatically applied on your purchase. Should you have any problems with the coupon, please, follow our instructions on the manual purchase.

Manual Checkout with Coupon Discount

First click here to start the checkout process. Accept the Terms of Sale, and review your shopping cart data. You'll see an empty Coupon Code field. Please, enter CMG50 into the text field and click Validate Coupon. If you get an error message, the Coupon Code has probably expired. If not, move on to Step 2.

Purchase Concentration - the Memory Games; Step 1: Enter Coupon Discount

Coupon Discount: Step 1 • Enter Coupon Code and Click "Validate Coupon"

If the Coupon Code is valid, you can see the discount value just below the Subtotal in your shopping cart. Please fill in all necessary data and proceed to checkout.

Purchase Concentration - the Memory Games; Step 2: Check Discount Value

Coupon Discount: Step 2 • Check Discount Value

On the order confirmation page you can review you order details. Please check that the discount value (Coupon) and the Grand Total reflect the discount.

Purchase Concentration - the Memory Games; Step 3: Verify Discount on Checkout

Coupon Discount: Step 3 • Verify Discount on Checkout

If everything is OK, place your order and wait for the confirmation email.

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